Connect & Co-create

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Sustainable Organic Living   &   School Of Life

​Our immediate Mission 

is to find the perfect place & people to create SOL Ville-

an Eco-Health Retreat & Seminar Center in sunny Spain

Our Vision

is to develop a global Conscious Community that supports creativity, abundance

and  health for Humans, Animals & Earth

The base of all change is awareness- becoming conscious of our patterns & programming from society helps us to better understand Self, others & the world which allows us to alter our behavior to be more constructive & positive. Meditation and therapeutic techniques will be offered to create more consciousness especially around ecological matters.

The Vision for SOL Ville is to become a self-sustainable organism in which community life can be learned & practiced based on communication skills, compassion, participation, ritual & celebration. As a non-profit organization we would like to share our experiences & income with similar projects in Latin America.

Creating a space that allows people to experiment and learn by doing is our main purpose. We will offer workshops & courses ranging from eco- gardening & building with natural & recycled materials, painting, music, dance,

preparing medicine & healthy foods to other expressive & healing arts.






We are inviting kind Souls to support this project by spreading the news about our planned eco-retreat center via facebook, mail, or any other way! Pro-active help such as giving feedback to this page as well as advice regarding improvements is greatly appreciated!

'Sol'- our Sun- the closest star around which the earth revolves and from which we receive the warmth and light necessary for life to flourish. In our project we are planning to make use of it as much as possible as one of our main unlimited energy sources.

Soil - the 'skin' of Mother Earth in which plants can grow- is the most important aspect when planning a sustainable eco-farm. Preferably the land is untreated and still full of nutrients. Using permaculture principles we will help to maintain and restore the soil.


Connect & Co-create

If you are interested in this project and would like to find out more about it as well as share your know how, knowledge & wisdom please contact us via email: info(at)

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